Contractor Parking Lot Improvements

Beginning on or about June 2, there will be construction activity on County property to further develop the temporary contractor parking and staging area in support of the Hospital Replacement Wing project.

There will be some construction related noise from earth moving equipment for the installation of drainage swales, gravel, saw-cutting for removal of concrete, striping and fence modifications.  All work will be done within the Work Zone shown in the graphic below.  Dust control measures, such as wetting of materials, will be implemented during all earth moving activities.  No additional fill material will be delivered to the site.  Additionally, office trailers will be moved into the lot for use by construction staff.  Staff use of the trailers will be limited to the work day.  No lights from the trailers will be visible at night.

The working hours for this construction work are between the hours of 8am and 5pm and only Monday through Friday, with no weekend work, and is expected to last for approximately three weeks.