Foundation Installation Starting June 2014 (Updated)

Beginning mid-June, two large cranes will be brought onto the construction site.  The largest will be a crawler crane with an attached drill rig. 

The largest crane will stand approximately 205 feet tall and be used to install the new hospital’s foundation, consisting of Auger Pressure Grouted (APG) drilled piers. Once assembled at the bottom of the excavation area, the crane will extend approximately 130 feet above the existing hospital’s helipad atop the Fainer Building.

Since drilling is being used to install the piers, rather than pile driving, the process is not expected to produce any significant noise or vibrations.

Installation of approximately ten test piers will be performed on or about June 17 through 19 and full scale installation is scheduled to begin on or about July 9 and continue through the end of August.

For a brief time during the testing program and for approximately 4-6 weeks, starting July 9, during the installation period, alternate arrangements will need to be made to accommodate emergency helicopter operations.  This is necessary because the height of the crane will encroach into the helipad flight path atop the Fainer Building.  During those periods, the alternate landing site, located in the upper parking lot near Foothill Road, will be used for emergency helicopter operations.  The approach and departure flight path for the alternate landing site is from the southwest, over the Medical Examiner’s building. 

The use of the alternate landing site will be limited to Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 7 PM.  Night time and weekend landings will continue to be on the Fainer helipad.  Historically, helicopter landings occur, on average, 2-3 times a week with the majority occurring on weekends.