Economic Impact of the VCMC Hospital Replacement Wing Project on the Local Community

September 19, 2014

The HRW project is making a significant positive impact on the local economy. 

To date, after approximately 18 months of construction, over 50% of the wages and benefits paid for labor performed on the project have been to workers that live in Ventura County.  That is over $1.8 million in wages and benefits that have been paid to local workers.

In order to reach out to and promote interest by local contractors the design-builder, Clark Construction, hosts subcontractor outreach events periodically.  The next event is scheduled for September 24th at the Four Points Sheraton in the Ventura Harbor.  At the event Clark will provide a project overview, list the upcoming subcontracting opportunities, and provide an opportunity for potential subcontractors to better understand project needs and network with project managers.  All outreach events are advertised on this website in the Industry section.

In addition to the wages and benefits paid to local workers, there are other secondary financial impacts of the project to the community.  To date, Clark Construction has paid approximately $400,000 to local vendors for printing and copying services, food, signs, and a host of other supplies and services. 

These benefits are expected to accelerate in the future as the pace of project construction picks up in the forthcoming months.