Installation of shoring for the project excavation to begin in February 2014

In preparation for the upcoming excavation work the installation of shoring around the perimeter of the new Hospital Replacement Wing (HRW) is scheduled to begin in late February. 

The shoring process will involve installing steel shoring beams, also called soldier piles, and wood lagging using an augering method to sink the beams into the ground.  On the HRW project the beams will be augered into the ground and not vibrated which is another common practice. It is anticipated that the pile augering process will not produce any significant vibrations through the ground and into the surrounding community areas.

New Interim Visitor’s Entrance and Patient Drop-off is Open

Visitors to the Ventura County Medical Center will now be guided to access the main hospital using the newly completed interim entrance. 

In order to direct those that may not be fully familiar with the new entrance location, signage has been installed to guide vehicle traffic turning into the medical center campus from Hillmont Avenue.  This new entrance provides a lighted covered canopy as well as handicap accessibility to allow for patients to be conveniently dropped off and picked up.  Additionally, shuttle service to the entrance is being provided for those parking their vehicle at the upper parking lot.